1.2 What is Expected of You


 To ensure everybody understands the way we work and what is expected of you we are developing a structured training scheme, this handbook being the first level.  By reading this document you will learn the basic dos and don’ts and also provides you with some important information.  Each level of the training scheme concentrates on developing your skills in a specific area, such as customer service.  Your progress will be assessed when you complete each stage.  Your eligibility to move on to the next stage of the scheme will be partially based on your day to day performance.

Some training will be given to you verbally whilst you are working.  We may also require you to attend an external training course away from the shop.


 From time to time you may be asked to cover a shift at short notice.  This can sometimes be inconvenient if you already have plans but as we have only a small team it is important that everybody helps out wherever possible.  We will try to get cover elsewhere if you have plans but if there is no other option you will be expected to work.

We try to offer flexibility back allowing you to swap shifts, the shift manager due to work the shift in question must be consulted.

If you don’t help to cover people when they need a shift off they cannot be expected to help you out if you need it.  Helping out is not about doing the shifts you don’t mind doing it is about putting your self out on occasion and working a shift that you may find inconvenient.

 Wages and Time Keeping

  •  You will be paid every Thursday, one week in arrears.
  • In order to calculate how much you have earned you must complete a time sheet at the end of each shift.
  • Any extra time you work after the normal shift end will be paid at our discretion.
  • Any errors, either in your favour or ours, must be reported to Andrew on 07748 631697 as soon as possible.
  • You are expected to arrive at work in time to change into your uniform and ensure you have all the supplies and equipment you require to perform your duties so that you are ready to start work at the allotted time.
  • If you are going to be late you must telephone your shift manager or contact Andrew on 07748 631697.
  • If your employment is terminated for any reason you will not receive your final payment until you return your uniform.
  • If you find you are having trouble working a certain shift we will try, wherever possible, to change the rota to resolve the problem.
  • Rates of pay vary depending on your experience and responsibilities.