1.3 Holidays and Days Off

We need to have some rules surrounding holidays as obviously, being a small team, we cannot have too many people off at one time.

  • Holidays can be reuested using the form on this site
  • A minimum of four weeks notice is required.
  • Holidays are not permitted in December.
  • If you can be flexible with the time of your holiday it is wise to ensure your intended holiday does not clash with other members of the team.You are entitled to four weeks holiday, accrued at the rate of one week for every thirteen weeks of employment you complete.
  • You are expected to work on a bank holiday if it is your regular shift, unless cover can be arranged
  • You are permitted to swap shifts but only with the permission of your shift manager and Andrew must be informed.
  • Holiday dates will be on a first come first served basis, if you leave it too late you may not get the dates you require.
  • If there is a date you cannot work, even if it is not your normal shift, you must make the office aware by filling in a holiday form.


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