1.6 Standards and Behaviour

 Standards and Behaviour

 We are very keen on customer service here at Skippers.  Each customer may only spend a few pounds with us at one time but multiply that by twice a week all year round and you soon realise that every customer is important.   You will learn more about customer service at a later stage but a few basic pointers may help.

  • Customers are a lot easier to loose than to win back!
  •  Never argue with a customer, even if you know you are right.  It always seems important at the time to be proven right about the point you were making but the customer is always right.
  •  Never gossip about one customer to another, the person you are telling will only believe you will be talking about them to the next person who walks through the door.
  •  Never use bad language in front of a customer.
  •  Always smile and try to make eye contact when talking to a customer.
  •  Place any change owed into the customers hand not just on the counter.
  •  The customer you are serving is the most important person in the shop, give them your full attention.
  •  Never talk to anyone else whilst serving a customer.
  •  People would rather wait for their food to be fresher.
  •  If you wouldn’t eat it yourself don’t serve it to anyone else.
  •  Always remember whilst you are working you are representing the company, your actions could cause problems not just for yourself but also the business as a whole!
  •  Always think how your words and actions would look if you were at the other side of the counter.
  •  Customers should be greeted with a smile and if waiting for food the shift manager should talk to them whilst the servers get on with other jobs.