2.4 Stock Rotation

It is important to rotate stock to ensure the oldest is sold first.  We do this in different ways depending on the item.

Canned Drinks

When filling the drinks fridge you must pull the old stock forward and fill behind.

Pies and Puddings (Cold Storage)

We have a policy in the fridge of left to right, from to back and top down. so the top box in the fridge is the oldest stock of pies, the newest delivery is in the bottom box.

If we have a delivery and have too many pies they can be bagged and frozen on the day of delivery.. these go in the bottom box when they are taken out of the freezer.

Puddings (Pudding Steamer)

We go left to right and then work along the rows to the back.

Fish (Cold Storage)

Top Drawer – Empty as freezes 

2nd Drawer – Haddock

3rd Drawer – Oldest Cod

4th Drawer 2nd Oldest Cod

5th Drawer 3rd Oldest Cod

6th Drawer 4th Oldest Cod


Use ones in fridge first then move onto the ones on the palette.  Place all remaining bags in fridge at the end of the night.