2.5 MSC

At Skippers we like to act in a responsible manner.  To ensure our fish is sustainibly sourced we hold the Marine Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody.


It means all of our fish can be traced back to where it was caught, and prove that it is from a well managed fishery that uses the best fishing techniques minimise damage to fish stocks.

There are less and 150 Fish and Chip Shops that hold the MSC Chain of Custody so it is something we are very Proud of!

  • All fish must be logged when it arrives on our system
  • Its MSC number should be logged if it has one
  • The invoice should show the letters MSC next to the fish
  • If the fish is not MSC it should be rejected and contact Andrew on 07748631697
  • If we have no other fish to use then the Non msc fish should be kept separately and all reference to MSC removed from this menu item.