Risk Assessment

FloorsSlipsTripsKeep Floors ClearTrain staff to warn of spillagesDo not mop customer area until shop closedKeep all stock and equipment stored neatly away
Bain MarieScolds and BurnsTrain staff to lift with two handsIf items too heavy train staff to ask for helpEnsure Baine Marie is safely positioned on worktop.
Pans of SundriesE.g. peas, curry, gravyScolds and BurnsIf item too heavy train staff to helpEnsure pan handles cannot be knockedDo not overfill pansUse back rings where ever possible
Cooking SundriesE.g. peas, curry, gravyContaminationEnsure heated above 72 degrees centigradeOnce cooked place in a tub with a lid or place lid on pan.Check for foreign bodies in peas etc prior and during cookingRefrigerate wherever possible
FishContaminationEnsure delivery temperature correct <5 degrees C for wet and <18 degrees C for FrozenUnpack into plastic storage box with lid checking for foreign bodies and bones.Place in refrigerator as soon as deliveredRotate stock following top down system
PiesContaminationCheck delivery Temperature <5 degrees CPlace in refrigerator immediatelyRotate stock ensuring old stock on highest shelfFreeze any surplus stock upon delivery in a sealed tub
Dry goods and packaging ContaminationCheck packaging is sealed and undamaged.Rotate stockStore in closed cupboard or on racking off the floor.Only open packed being used and in the case of trays only have minimum needed to stock counter.
Electrical EquipmentElectric shockInjuryContaminationStaff to report faults to shift managerDaily checks made of temperatures for refrigerators and freezersPAT testing every yearWeekly visual check of cases, sockets and wires
RangeFireBurnsOnly trained staff to operateNever run oil level too lowTrain staff to switch pans off when filteringWhen adding oil place in basket and lower into pansPlace food into oil without splashingKeep range service up to dateDucting to be cleaned annuallyGrease trap cleaned weekly
PestsContaminationEnsure building sealedPest control visit quarterlyEnsure all stock and equipment regularly moved and cleaned underStore products in sealed containers or off floor
ChemicalsInjuryContaminationStore chemicals in correct containersStore chemicals away from food productsTrain staff which chemicals should be used whereTrain staff on correct dilution levels and usage.