For years now we have been taking steps to minimise our operations impact on the environment. We only use MSCcertified as sustainable fish ensuring that fish stocks are preserved but we do many other things that you may not even be aware of.

Our trays are compostible, made from a substance called bagasse, these trays also dont allow condensation that the traditonal polystyrene trays do. The forks we use may look like plastic but they are also compostible. We try to reduce plastic whereever it is practical to do so.

We now use induction cookers to produce our sauces such as curry or mushy peas. These induction cookers are far more energy efficient.

Our frying equipment is computer controlled to ensure energy is only used to reach the desired temperature setting and not overshoot. The burners themselves are high efficient, reusing exhaust gas to heat the oil.

We were the first fish and chip shop in the UK to use this magic box in our pans. The Oilchef allows us to reduce our frying temperatures to save energy and also keeps our oil in better condition for longer reducing waste and co2.

We have a Grease Removal Unit under the sink to ensure we capture and waste oil before it reaches the drain. This oil is then sent for recycling.