I attended the NEODA Dinner last night in London at the fantastic Tallow Chandlers Hall.  The Tallow Chandlers Hall dates back to the Fire of London and is steeped in history.  NEODA, the National Edible Oils Distributors Association, comprises of oil manufacturers and many of the supply companies that service the Fish and Chip industry. Tallow, or beef dripping which was widely used as a frying medium in shops, was also used to produce candles hence the link to our sector.

I was honoured to be invited to sit on the top table between the newly elected NEODA President, Ryan Baker and Andrew Marriott, the outgoing President.  The National Federation of Fish Friers, of which I am the President, works very closely with NEODA on initiatives such as National Fish and Chip Day (1st of June this Year), and its nights like this that help forge these working relationships.

I count myself as very lucky to get to visit these places and represent fish and chip shops across the country at this level.

I would like to congratulate Ryan on becoming President of NEODA and we are looking forward to making National Fish and Chip Day the best ever this year.