I am currently sat on the train on my way down to London to attend a meeting in the House of Lords as part of my industry role.  The National Federation of Fish Friers is a Member of the British Takeaway Campaign and we are hoping to gain the support of Baroness Garden for our scheme to support small businesses solve their skills shortages through training Apprentices.

Alongside my industry role as President of the NFFF, I am also chairman of the Fish and Chip Industry Apprenticeship Committee, I was also involved in the Livery Companies Apprenticeship schemes a few years ago. I am a firm believer that we need to develop structured career paths in the fish and chip industry so that we attract the right calibre of people into the trade.

Other member organisations of the BTC face skills shortages due to immigration, but if we can develop the skills of young people we can not only address our own unemployment rate but also solve their skills shortage going forward.