Hi all

we are reopening tomorrow after our refurbishment. It’s been a long hard slog the past two weeks and in the months leading up to it, there has been lots of planning..  we think it is worth it though!

Interor looking from the range

It is the culmination of my families 30 plus years of fish and chips experience, and my own work in the industry. We have thrown everything at this as we love our shop in Euxton and we hope you do too.

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We are expecting to be busy tonight, and the flooring guys are still Woking which means we have to work around some of our equipment in the kitchen this morning getting prepared so we hope you will be patient with us. Our new till system doesn’t arrive until the end of the week also..this will speed up service in conjunction with our brand new island range.. we can’t wait to get opened!!

We hope you love what we have done as much as we do! I am giving my manager Naomi the honour of cooking the first fish and chips today (I may eat them though! – I have missed them)


Andrew and the Skippers Team