As part of my industry role I am keep to get regional meetings going again. The National Federation of Fish Friers used to have 26 local meetings just in the Northwest and this was the same across the UK. These fed into their area councils and those to the national board. There are only two active areas left, the Northwest and Wales. Being not only National President but also Chairman of the Northwest Area I understand the importance of getting people together in one room.

Mark Drummond Delivering the Making Frying Healthier Workshop

I also want to use these workshops to provide the attendees with useful information, Public Health issues are so important at the moment and by making simple swaps , some changes in techniques and offering a choice of portion size you can vastly improve the nutritional profile of your food.

Douglas Colbeck Presenting about the Lite Bite concept and the benefits of offering a lighter option on menus

Henry Colbeck LTD hosted this event and also provided a behind the scenes look at their Coatbridge Depot and explained how the ordering, picking and delivery systems worked. It was amazing to see the logistics behind supplying thousands of businesses.

Half the group on the site tour at Colbecks