I got asked to take part in two radio shows on Saturday the 9th of January, one as my role as Vice Chairman of the British Takeaway Campaign and the other for my fish and chip industry role.

BBC Radio 5 Live was n early start as I went on air around 6.35 am talking about how takeaways and restaurants are coping with the restrictions and how we have adapted. As awful as this situation is it had led to some leaps forward.

You can hear me 40 minutes into the show

I was then asked to chat on BBC Radio Lancashire about a story in the press saying that the fish hake is likely to overtake cod. Whilst Hake is a lovely fish and make a great addition to a menu, there are no sustainability issues around Cod, especially as Skippers is Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council! Had a great chat with Gary Hickson (even though I was open and cooking at the time).

You can hear me 3 hours and 22 minutes into the show