There are many eateries out there but we believe it is important you can prove you are professional about what you do.

NFFF Membership

We are members of the National Federation of Fish Friers. This organisation has been going since 1913 and was founded by fish friers. I am honoured to be the current President and I hope I can help mane sure it is here in another hundred years time! Other local members are Nana Jan’s in Buckshaw Village, Neptunes on Lyons Lane and Oh My Cod in Coppull

The Fish and Chip Quality Award and Primary Authority

The Quality Award is the legally accepted best practice standard for running a fish and chip shop. Only ourselves and our friends at Nana Jan’s on Buckshaw hold this accreditation in the local area. To achieve this standard you have to go through a three hour assessment of all your food safety system, oil management and staff training.

MSC Chain of Custody

The MSC Chain of Custody means we can prove our fish is from a sustainable source. We are one of just over 100 fish and chip shops in the entire UK to hold this accreditation at the time of writing.

Window Roundels

If you are out and about this year then keep your eye out for these signs. It is important to have accreditation to prove you are a professional shop!