Some of you may wonder what I get up to when I’m away from the shop. This week in was invited to attend an intensive media training session in London as part of my role with the British Takeaway Campaign. The course took place at Newington Communications in London and I was joined by Maurice Abboudi, owner of K10 Japanese Restaurants, and Martin Kersh, Executive Director of the Foodservice Packaging Association.  We faced eight hours of recorded interviews and then had to watch them back with critique. Very tiring experience but amazingly worthwhile! 

Kings Cross

I then had to catch a train to Peterborough to be ready for a couple of meetings on Tuesday. The first meeting was to help plan for next years National Fish and Chip Day… it will take place on the 7th of June 2019. The meeting was attended by most of the suppliers to the fish and chip trade!

Inside the Meeting