On the 23rd of March we took the decision to close as it was impossible to operate to protect our team and you our customers! It was not a decision we took lightly as we put our heart and soul into what we do.

I have been kept very busy with my industry roll so I have not taken my foot off the gas. We have been loading with many shops up and down the country to investigate was to operate safely and also make it viable.

Risk Assessment

our friends at The Chesterford Group, who operate 40 shops, helped with a big price of the puzzle developing documents to assess the risk and put some control measures in place.

Briefing Document for employees returning to work

Employees have to declare each shift that no one in their household has exhibited any symptoms in the past 7 days.

Our new ordering app!

We have commissioned a new ordering system that allows us to release time slots to control the flow of customers so you don’t end up having to face a big queue when you arrive to collect your food. We can even deliver to your car!

it will probably take a few weeks to get used to working but as we do we should be able to crank capacity up a little bit.

we look forward to seeing you all soon

Andrew and the Skippers Team